ExecFuel™ empowers busy executives to feel energized, achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, in a practical step-by-step program.

What valuable resources will you get in the program?

  • 24-7 Global access from your laptop, home computer or mobile device.
  • 6 (easy to follow) modules with 9 videos, in a practical step-by-step program to help you meet your health goals
  • More than 20 videos demonstrating fast, effective exercises, from three specialist Fitness Professionals.
  • Eliminate confusion by understanding what food can be avoided, and what food helps to fuel your body.
  • Acquire the skills you need to balance health with entertaining clients and attending corporate functions.
  • Learn how to make simple, healthy, choices when you snack and dine out.
  • Avoid the onset of chronic diseases that may result from a busy work life.
  • 19 highly valuable PDF resources, including cheat sheets, guides and templates so you can put what you’ve learned into action IMMEDIATELY.

  • A non-diet approach to increase your energy, and increase your quality of life whilst working long hours.
  • Avoid excess weight (or body fat) gain, during work travel.
  • 4 FANTASTIC infographics providing you valuable information at your fingertips.
  • Learn how to cook 30 minute healthy dinners.
  • Meal Plans with 42 recipes provided.
  • Using what you know to teach your family healthy habits.
  • Special Offers with our affiliate partners.
  • Weekly community sessions with a certified nutritionist.
  • The Executive Travel Checklist E-book.
  • …and much more!

Here’s What You’ll Learn in 6 Weeks

Week 1: FOCUS

What you will learn
  • How to set realistic and achievable health goals.
  • How to make a protein-packed breakfast.
  • Why we need a Vision for good nutrition.
  • How to approach goals, tasks and challenges, with your nutrition, and how to overcome these challenges.
  • The difference between ‘Everyday’ Foods and ‘Sometimes’ Foods.
  • How your metabolism works and how to fuel it.
  • Factors that hamper your metabolism and how to avoid them.

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What you will learn
  • Why Mindful Eating is the key to continued success with your nutrition.
  • Reasons why you don’t lose weight.
  • How to eat mindfully.
  • Understand food portions and how to apply these daily.
  • Learn how to read your body cues, using the hunger-fullness scale.
  • Enjoy eating food without guilt or stress.

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What you will learn
  • What protein really is, and how this works for our body.
  • Why meatless protein can have more benefits that meat protein. 
  • How to use protein for fat-loss and for energy.
  • How to manage loss of muscle as we age.
  • How to make protein-packed meals.

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What you will learn
  • How to pack simple, healthy snacks.
  • How to stay healthy while travelling.
  • Food and water safety when travelling.
  • Tips for eating out.
  • How to read packaged food labels.

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What you will learn
  • Why nutrition is key to a good exercise program.
  • The basics of how our body uses energy, and how we can use this to our advantage to lose body fat, and gain lean muscle.
  • Eating to ensure you are effectively using food as fuel.
  • Fitness exercises that you can take with you anywhere.
  • A sample Balanced Fitness Program.
  • Why having greater lean muscle mass is key to being healthier as we age.
  • How adequate protein intake can assist exercise to make our body stronger.

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What you will learn
  • How to follow a Meal Plan using quick and easy recipes, daily.
  • What shortcuts you can use when planning meals.
  • Acquire the skills to be able to plan meals for the future.
  • Tips for easy food preparation.
  • Why Meal Planning is important to manage your weight and overall health.
  • How Meal planning can save you time and money.
  • Skills to continue making the right choices when planning meals.

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