• I’m time poor, and have always found it difficult to keep a regular eating and exercise regime despite my best efforts. ExecFuel™ is exactly what it claims to offer; practical, fits into your daily life, and it empowers you to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a demanding job, the ExecFuel™ program is fantastic in how simple it is to follow. It takes minimal time to complete the weekly modules and you can go back to them at any time. It provides vital information from understanding your metabolism, knowledge about various food groups, meal prep, and effective exercises; to important tools that allow you to set realistic goals and monitor your progress. I really enjoyed the videos, they make it much more personal than what you would expect from any online program and they kept me engaged and excited about what was coming next. I gained so much knowledge just after the first week, and felt more energized, more organised and healthier from thereon. I highly recommend ExecFuel™ to any individual, especially busy execs who want to take control of their health. Jump on board today!

    - Sam Coldham, Commonwealth Bank, Australia

  • Long hours, unpredictable work schedules, and constant travelling sums up my normal working week. This has led me to look for a portable solution that could help me achieve my health goals – whether on the road, in the office or out with clients in restaurants. ExecFuel™ is packed with tips, resources and great information that will help any busy executive start to practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend it.

    - Natalie Turner, Founder CEO, Entheo Network, Singapore

  • What to eat whilst on work travel has always been somewhat of a struggle. My biggest take-aways from this program are better understanding of protein, and planning to eat whilst on the road. It is quite straight forward and just comes down to planning. The program is very well set out, easy to follow, and best of all allowed me to achieve the results I wanted.

    - Robert Smith, Telecommunications Specialist, Singapore

  • I always start with the best laid exercise and food plans, and then my schedule becomes busy and full, or I need travel interstate and entertain clients. Then all my good work goes out the window. The ExecFuel™ 6-week program has helped me to understand what I need to do in practical and straightforward ways to achieve my health goals. The program is full of really useful information that you can start to implement immediately. ExecFuel™ is like a health & nutrition Tool Box that gives you all the necessary information to set yourself up for a healthier future, and a better quality of life.
    Forget all the fad diets and rash promises that leave you heavier in the end, than when you started – ExecFuel™ helps you to understand what you need and then gives you the how to so that you can achieve it. The tools that are provided in the 6-week program are succinct, useful and easy to implement – crucial for those with a busy schedule. I only wish I had come across it sooner!

    - Angelene Harris, Director, Harc Entertainment, Australia